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Akrotex Fine Textured Acrylic Coatings is an aqueous high build textured coating based on specific novel acrylic polymers, reinforced with a proprietary film fungicide and naturally occurring micaceous and marble minerals that together produces a tough high-quality coating with exceptional exterior durability. Akrotex is further reinforced with a proprietary medium strandcellulosefibretoimprovecoatingstrengthandbridgingproperties. Akrotex Fine Textured Acrylic may be used on internal and external masonry, soffits, ceilings, composition boards, suitably prepared and primed wood and metals.

Prepare substrate by removing all dirt, and loose adherent matter. Apply 1 coat Akrotex Primer, and 2 coats Akrotex Fine Textured Acrylic by brush, roller, trowel or spray to desired pattern. Optional: Overcoat Akrotex Fine Textured Acrylic with 2 coats of Akrosheen Midsheen Pure Acrylic Coating or Akrocote Matt Pure Acrylic Coating to improve dirt resistance of the coating system.

Akrotex Fine Textured Acrylic is supplied ready for use, and is applied as follows:

  • Raked Finish
    Apply Akrotex Fine Textured Acrylic by roller and finish off vertically using a block brush or broom to desired pattern.
  • Tyrolean Stipple Finish
    Apply Akrotex Fine Textured Acrylic by hopper gun to desired pattern.
  • Stippled Finish
    Apply Akrotex Fine Textured Acrylic by wool roller and finish off using a stipple roller to desired pattern.
Colour: Range
Volume Solids:

55 to 60 % +- 1

Drying Time:


Over coating Time:

12 to 24 hours (if drying time is adhered to per above)

Spreading Rate:

1 – 4 square metres/litre depending on texture

DFT @ 10 sqm/lt: 40 microns

Coating Thicknesses

0,5 to 2mm

Solvent for cleaning: Water

Shelf Life

12 months in unopened container

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