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At Olympia we pledge to do business in a way that does not negatively impact our planet in order that it may be enjoyed by future generations. 



Global warming is expected to have far-reaching, long-lasting, and in many cases devastating consequences for our planet.  The gradual heating of the earth’s surface, oceans, and atmosphere is caused by human activity.  Already, global warming is having a measurable effect on our planet, as evidenced by melting ice in the North- and South Poles, animals changing migration patterns, and plants changing their growth cycles.


At Olympia we pledge to do business in a way that does not negatively impact our planet in order that it may be enjoyed by future generations.  We have integrated the principle of measured and responsible manufacturing processes into every facet of our paint business. 


Paint manufacture involves the use of energy to disperse pigment agglomerates to micronised particles, and the stabilisation of such dispersion to the final product.  Paint formulae typically uses raw materials that are derived from the processing of fossil fuels, as well as the mining and processing of minerals.  These are processes which require high levels of energy consumption, substantial atmospheric greenhouse gas emissions, and significant degradation of micro-environments and unprotected biospheres. 


The environmental impact of paint manufacture itself is minimal in comparison to the activities of our suppliers.  Therefore, in formulating a Code of Practice, we take a holistic view that includes elements additional to product formulation. 



  • Products

We formulate products with low VOCs, which are APEO and heavy metal-free, with the view to becoming a zero-VOC when such materials become available. 


  • Processes

We optimise the use of energy by ensuring that global best-practice is applied in our manufacturing and the procurement of raw materials.  We use inverter-controlled energy optimisation technology in manufacturing, and our batch sizes are optimised to balance economic realities with energy demand. 


  • Water resources

We apply a recycling programme to utilise all clean-up and primary water waste.


  • Procurement

We contract with suppliers who are ISO 14000 certified, and who subscribe to the Responsible Care Programme for environmental awareness and practice. 



We carefully plan and monitor our deliveries to ensure the maximum product volume is delivered per kilometre travelled.  We also schedule multiple deliveries to locations which are in close proximity to each other in order to minimise duplications and to optimise efficiencies. 


It has never been easier to decorate your environment than with Olympia’s safe eco-friendly products. 

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